Reviewing Interconnecting Cosmetic Procedures And Their Benefits

Women review the benefits of cosmetic surgery in terms of improving their overall appearance. However, what they may not realize is that there are procedures that are interconnected and provide further advantages. If you wish to learn more about these asthetic concepts from the best cosmetic surgeon today, contact Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc to schedule a consultation.

Assessing Fat Transferring

After you undergo liposuction to eliminate fat deposits, your surgeon can utilize the fat removed from your body for additional services. For instance, the method known as fat transferring allows them to inject your own fat into your face to reduce visible links. This allows you to achieve a more youthful appearance that is free of sagging, wrinkles, and other unappealing conditions.

The process begins with your choice of liposuction surgery, which targets areas such as the abdomen, legs, and hips. Once these areas are contoured and shaped to your specifications, the doctor can store the fat removed for the next step. Fat transferring is typically used in conjunction with face lifts and similar procedures. However, it is performed alone in some cases.


Lifting the Neck

Liposuction is additionally used to perform neck lift surgery. The surgeon performs the lipo to removal all excess fat deposits. This allows for a smoother surface. After the fat is removed, the surgeon trims away all loose skin around this area to tighten the throat and neck. This provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance and reduces the signs of aging.

Lip Augmentation Procedures

If you’re unsure whether or not you are ready for collagen or botox injections, you can consider an alternative. For instance, after you have undergone lipo, your surgeon can utilize the fat to inject your lips. This presents you with full, poutier lips. What you should consider, however, is that fat is a naturally-occurring substance in the body. It is possible that it will break down over time. This could require additional procedures to restore the full benefits.

If you wish to undergo cosmetic procedures, you should assess the risks and benefits to choose the right option for you. It is also important to review options that could work together for a higher advantage. Whenever possible, your surgeon can schedule these procedures for the same day for your convenience. If you wish to review these options more fully, you should contact the best plastic surgeon today, by visiting leading plastic surgeon for more information.


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